Front Door to Desk

Karen and I run a photography business together and it often requires that we’re on our computers at the same time. We have limited space, so we try to use a laptop for flexibility and stationary desk with Karen’s MAC as our workspaces. The problem is that Karen is in the bedroom in front of the 42″ flat screen and I’m wherever I can get peace in the house (the bathroom). My time on the computer is usually fragmented due to whatever is happening in the house. Clearly we need a better solution.

Karen and I got to talking and designing one night. The whole wall where our bedroom TV is would be our workspace with a huge desk assembly thing. There would be shelves, vases with flowers, artsy fartsy nick nacks everywhere and maybe even a Bose stereo. Step one needed to be a desk. Here’s what we did:

I found someone on Craigslist willing to trade some odds and ends for an old front door. It turned out that he owns an antique store in my area. So not only did I get the door, but he had some legs there I could use. Awesome!

Here is the door. Not sure what kind of wood. It’s not oak, pine, birch or cypress though.

Traded for at an antique shop. I traded an old crawfish pot and a trailer dolly.


The construction site. You will notice the door has been cut length-wise. I didn’t want the table top to be too deep. My buddy ripped it on his table saw.


Building the skirt. Using 1×4’s and a Kreg pocket hole jig. That thing is the BOMB!!!


Skirt finished.


Eyeballing it.


Done! (that playhouse in the background will be our next chicken coop)


I priced a piece of glass to fit over the top at about $113. We’ll put that on whenever I paint it. I guess antique white will be it for now.

More to come when we finish it!

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