Frankie’s Anniversary Gift

As Frankie mentioned in his post, we agreed to gift each other with handmade items for our 2nd anniversary this year.  My husband is incredibly handy – me, not so much.  So with that in mind, I knew I was going to have to come up with something meaningful, since me and jigsaws don’t jive.

As usual, when I am looking for some DIY inspiration, I hit up my good friend Pinterest.  Every now and then, when I see a cute project, I’ll pin it to look at when I’m feeling creative (and when I have spare time…needless to say, that board doesn’t get looked at much ;)).  I came across an adorable little project (click here for step by step instructions) for embroidered wall decor.  I wanted to incorporate a memento from our wedding for his gift, so I decided to do a framed, embroidered piece of both our wedding location (New Orleans) and our honeymoon location (Maui), since both spots are very near and dear to our hearts.

Here is the finished product:


The two locations – with felt hearts for New Orleans and Maui.


Here’s a close-up. The whole project took me about three hours total.


I framed it to match a canvas that was given to us as a wedding gift from the couple that mentored us during our pre-marital counseling.

I plan on hanging a photo from our wedding, as well as one from our honeymoon, next to these that hang in our foyer. I will update with a picture when the space is done.

I also gave him a photograph that my son Jackson took of us last year.  I had the photo printed on canvas, then frayed the edges.  I then mounted and framed it.  This will hang in our bedroom…..another space that still isn’t quite complete.


So there you have it!  I spent a total of just under $50 for this project.  I highly recommend other couples giving handmade gifts.  There’s an element of love that goes into the labor when you’re creating something for your spouse.  I may have to make this a tradition!

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3 thoughts on “Frankie’s Anniversary Gift

  1. Fantastic Ideas Julie. I made a handmade cards about 25 pcs with my own drawing of me and the hubby soon to be wed next year! =) Than in each card I write in my own words from How I met him, How I asked Him out first instead of him and till where we are right now. It was our little sweet monthsary though he likes to celebrate it monthly but to us it’s a everyday thingy. He was so touched cause nobody do for him like how I did before. He framed my handmade cards in his room!! I was really surprised and so HAPPY !! and now I still handmade gifts to him… just how we does when we were young in school, coloring, playing with paints and to create the moments, the feel just for your special partner who endures our love till we are grandpa and grandma.

    I like reading your blog Karen! Wish you and your family blessed always with happiness + wisdom + good health !! =)

  2. I met my future husband in June 2013. His Birthday was in August. He told me that he hadn’t really every celebrated his birthday in the past with anyone including his Mom. I decided that i wanted it to be extra special. I made everything home made. I don’t have alot of money to spend and since we were still learning likes and dislikes, I decided to make everything. I had so much fun doing it. I made him a key chain with a key (the key to my heart), i had him drill a hole in 2 pennies (he didn’t know why), one was for the year of my birth and one was the year we met, could find one with his birth year (LOL), i also had 2 locket type items where i put a picture of us in one and the words i love you in the other. I then made him a giant birthday card with candy bars for certain words, I made a treat bucket, i had some of his favorite things (Chips, gum, beef jerky, etc) taped to wooden dowls and monster energy drinks surrounding the the bottom of the dowls to fill in the bucket. My man is a very tough exterior and i thought he would think it was cheesy. But after he got the gift, he walked away and cried, and then took pictures of it all and posted them to his facebook page and keeps the key chain with him always. So i am definitely doing something special for Christmas (his least favorite holiday and my favorite). Pinterest is definitely my friend for these types of things!!

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