Dear Mary: 9 Months

Mary 9 Months_111413_01

 Dear Mary,

Another month has come and gone, and I have to be honest, I’m starting to get a little sad. This is the season that flies by at warp speed. The holidays are coming up and that’s when everything becomes a blur. Once the holidays are done and the kids are back in school, I will be preparing for your first birthday party. Truly, the thought of that makes me want to cry. I’m not ready for you to be a whole year old yet.

You’re developing at warp speed too, and your new trick (as evidenced by the photo) is to stand without holding onto anything. You haven’t even attempted to take a step yet, but I know it’s not far behind. You’re a curious little thing, so I know that once you’re walking, I’ll have to stay close behind.

Like all of the women in this family, you’re emotional. You’ve become an expert at letting me know just how mad it makes you when I have to take my keys away. It really should come as no surprise that you’re full of feisty passion, given your lineage. People often confuse your facial expressions as melancholy because you study things so intently. You trust most people enough to hold and love on you, but you’re careful to never let me out of your sight. You’re a tried and true mama’s girl and I love it.

We leave for Disney World in a couple of weeks and I cannot WAIT to see your face light up at the sensory overload. I have one request, though – please, PLEASE try not to torture us during the ten hour car ride. Thank you in advance, sweet girl.



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