Dear Mary: 10 Months

Dear Mary,

The trees are barren outside and the year of your birth is drawing to a close, and the holiday season, as usual, has me reminiscing.  This time last year, you were snug in my belly and we were anxiously preparing to add another little person to our family.  During my pregnancy, your daddy and I spent a lot of time talking about what you’d be like.  We talked about what your hair color might be and whose features you’d have.  We had six weeks to go until my due date (eight until we finally had you), and I remember the euphoria of anticipation like it was just yesterday.  It was a very exciting time for us.


Now that you’re here, it’s hard to imagine that there was ever a world that you didn’t exist in.  So much of our time revolves around you because you are constantly accomplishing some new milestone.  This month, you took your very first step.  I’m not surprised by this because your are a curious little thing.  You want to touch (and taste) everything you find on the floor (gross, I know).  You are captivated by sounds, and you particularly love music.  On the evenings that momma is especially exhausted and just needs a break, Daddy takes you into your room and serenades you with his ukulele, which he often did when I was pregnant.  And just as you did in the womb, you dance around when you hear the music.

You’ve got this adorable little habit of scrunching your nose up when you smile, and with that smile, you have managed to wrap all of us around your little finger.  Your joy and zest for life is contagious.  Watching you discover new things has given me a new perspective, especially as a photographer.  Oh, if only we could all see the world as if we were seeing it for the first time again….



Your brother, Jackson, is being home schooled now, so during the day, it’s just the three of us.  Jackson has taken an even greater role as your caregiver and has been a tremendous help to me.  Momma can actually take showers without you banging on the shower door now!!!  My “bookends” have forged a beautiful bond with each other and I look forward to seeing your relationship continue to evolve.  He is quite fond of you, little one, as we all are.



On a daily basis, I try to remind myself how fast this stage comes and goes.  As a mom of five, running a full time business and blogging in the seldom spare moments, it’s easy to get frustrated with the constant needs that you have.  You are still exclusively breast feeding, and while it takes hard work and dedication, you are growing beautifully and you are perfectly healthy.  It’s so worth it.  You’ve also entered into a bit of a separation anxiety stage, which means you very rarely let me put you down.  You are either in my arms, or as evidenced by the picture below, trying to get into my arms.  I’ve been guilty of longing for some time to just be able to do the dishes, or get work done, but I know these moments are fleeting.  And the truth is, baby girl….the dishes can wait.


I love you, Mary Vi.


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One thought on “Dear Mary: 10 Months

  1. Was just thinking about you tonight. Had impromptu Christmas open house at my office tonight and was showing one of my guests the sofa you were born on!!! You are welcome to come visit it anytime you like!!!
    Sending love and blessings, “Aunt Em”

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