What I Think About In Meetings

Meetings man! At some point in the week I’m getting “meeting’ed” to death. It could be parent-teacher meetings, business meetings, football team meetings, etc. None of these meetings can escape the daydreamer. Even if you aren’t a habitual “meeting dreamer”, there is a chance that you will drift into lala-land right before someone asks you a question. You could miss vital info like “the boys need to wear their pink, Breast Cancer Awareness socks for the game” or “the game Saturday morning at 4:30AM was cancelled”. It wont matter what they say because you have started the process of inspecting your surroundings and you’re feeling it!


Sometimes, I think of different ways to embarass our kids in public!

I go for what is immediately in front of me. Somehow I get a false sense that I could snap out of it quicker if my subject is next to me. So here’s my list of what I think about in meetings:

1) Did they get their clothes dry cleaned?
2) Are those shoes comfortable?
3) Does taking a notebook to a meeting mean that you care more about the meeting?
4) Is she really listening?
5) Why couldn’t this meeting be every two weeks?
6) Did he just ask me a question?
7) Could you repeat that?
8) I wonder what I look like to everyone else?
9) That lanyard is sweet!
10) Only three people in this meeting are clean shaven.
11) My wife would love those shoes.
12) I wonder if anyone knows that I wore this yesterday?
13) Seriously, who does she think she is?
14) Can they smell that?
15) When I turn around, is everyone behind me naked until I can see them again?

That last one is less of a meeting thought and more of a general thought that I’ve had since childhood.  🙂

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