Mary Sleeping_012913

“Snowed” in

Day 2 of our “snowcation”.  Winter weather conditions have made it dangerous to drive, so we’re stuck in the house.  Perfect opportunity for long naps in warm beds. Incidentally, she will only sleep during the day when she’s like this – snuggled up against another warm body. Advertisements


Snow Day Project – Video

Southern Louisiana is experiencing extreme winter weather conditions this week, so public officials have decided to close school for two days in an effort to keep drivers off the icy roads.  Did you hear me?  TWO WHOLE DAYS OF NO SCHOOL.  It’s not actually snowing (yet) – just raining.  That translates to five bored children…


What my kids can learn from Richard Sherman

For the past four days, I have chosen to participate in social media on a very limited basis.  I use all social media platforms for my business, so taking a “hiatus” isn’t really an option, but after what happened on Sunday night, I’ve only been able to stomach it in small doses.  Let me explain……


7 Keys to a Happy Wife

Karen and I have been talking about doing this post for a while now. Her post 10 Marriage Tips Every WIFE Should Hear has been viewed 5 million times in 3 months! We’ve been asked by many people, “Where is Frank’s version?”. Initially, my thoughts were that Karen’s post addressed a divorced man’s “lessons learned” blog…

Mary_11 Months_01

Dear Mary: 11 Months

Dear Mary, 11 months.  I wasn’t ready for this one.  It snuck up on me so much faster than the others.  I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that you are mere weeks away from turning a year old.  As I sat trolling through Pinterest for ideas for your party, I started to…


Well…What Are YOU Waiting For?!

Lines.  Traffic.  Waiting rooms.  Test results.  We are a culture that has been conditioned to detest “waiting”. I’m being very transparent here, but no matter how many times I’ve had to put it into practice, patience does not come easily for me.  No one is immune to waiting – we all do it at some…