Dear Mary: 11 Months

Mary_11 Months_01

Dear Mary,

11 months.  I wasn’t ready for this one.  It snuck up on me so much faster than the others.  I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that you are mere weeks away from turning a year old.  As I sat trolling through Pinterest for ideas for your party, I started to play the movie in my head of the last year.  Though I’ve tried to really soak in every moment of your life, it still seems as though these 11 months have been a blur.

I know you don’t want to read another post where Mom whines about how fast time flies, so let’s catch you up on what you’ve been up to lately, shall we?

You’re taking a break from cutting any more new teeth, which is nice for us because I really don’t think I can handle any LESS sleep than we are already getting.  The teeth that you do have sure are cute, though.  It appears that you might have the famous gap between your front teeth that is so prominent on my side of the family.  If it is, I hope you keep it.  It gives your face some character.  Like Lauren Hutton.  She rocked that gapped tooth smile like nobody’s business…and so do you.  When you give me that cheesy grin, like the one above, I just can’t stand myself.  It’s cuteness overload.

11 months of exclusive breastfeeding for you.  For us.  We did it, baby girl.  You and me.  I prayed fervently to be able to nurse you for at least a year, and not only have we done that, but that’s the extent of your nourishment.  You try foods here and there, but it’s mama’s milk that you prefer.  And while there are times when I’m desperate to have my body back, or when I long to go on a date with Daddy that lasts longer than two hours, I’m so thankful that we’ve made it this far.

You’re still practicing taking those steps – now if you could only get your balance to match your confidence.  It’s cute to watch you wobble back and forth and then fall flat on your butt.  But you know what?  You always get back up – every time.  Your determination is evident in every new thing you try to do, which tells me that we are going to have quite a pepper on our hands.  I’m okay with that, though, because a wise friend once told me that it’s the strong willed women that are the world changers.

And you – baby girl – are going to do exactly that.

I love you,



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