His Grace is Sufficient

Sometimes life is busy.  And messy.

I am a wife, and a mother, and a business owner, and a teacher, and there are days and weeks and sometimes even months at a time where the many hats that I wear either don’t fit, are the wrong color, or are lost underneath the piles of laundry that are mounting up relentlessly.  In the midst of homeschooling, planning Mary’s first birthday party (for which the invitations went out remarkably late), and keeping my house immaculately clean for potential buyers, it was the task of preparing a dish for Jackson’s “Asia celebration” at school that finally sent me into the “I’m not good enough” tirade.  They have been studying Asia and today’s potluck was supposed to feature a variety of Asian meals.  The best I could muster up for my contribution was egg rolls and won tons from the chinese restaurant in the strip mall down the street.  What kind of mother am I?!?!?!?!

According to my wise friend, Nikki – a mother shroud in grace.  Sometimes I forget, and it took the words from another mom to remind me that we are all sometimes barely in this thing, but still holding on.  And when I’m hanging onto this mountain of a life by a fingernail, God’s grace is sufficient to pull me back onto the ledge.

I’m not sharing this in an effort to make myself feel better for not being the Pinterest mom of the year.  That’s not who God has called me to be anyway.  I’m sharing this for that one person out there reading this that feels overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with marriage troubles, or a wayward teenager, or medical bills that never seem to quit.  Overwhelmed with deadlines or dead ends.  Or maybe it’s the fifth negative pregnancy test in a row, or the fifth interviewer that hired someone else.  Life is busy, and messy, and overwhelming.

If this is you today – feeling overwhelmed – try this and see…  When you’ve taken the very last step you can manage in your own strength, give up and let God do the rest.  It’s in those moments that we throw our hands up in exasperation, that He delights in doing something truly remarkable.


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2 thoughts on “His Grace is Sufficient

  1. What a wonderful reminder Karen.
    I just love ur personalised way of writing! You and your family have inspired me to start writing and capturing my thoughts on a screen as well.

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