Dear Mary: 13 Months

Dear Mary,

We are one month into your second year and I am convinced you’ve developed more in the last 30 days than you have in your whole first year. I guess that’s what happens when your mouth and legs catch up with your brain. Speaking of legs, you are a pro at walking now. You rarely fall down anymore, except during those moments when you insist on turning around in circles until you are too dizzy to stand. You giggle, get right back up, and do it again. It’s like watching a dizzy bat race at a carnival – only cuter.

baby_13_monthsIn addition to your ability to scoot all over the house, you are now starting to talk. Ahh….I love this stage. Hearing you try to repeat words and phrases, which you often do successfully, is music to a mama’s ears. So far, you can say the words “sock, shoe, thank you, mama, dada, duck, quack quack, and woof woof”.  You even bark like a dog in a deep voice.

You are still pretty particular about what you eat. Though you are willing to try almost any new food, you still prefer mama’s milk. Most days, I’m in no hurry to move you on from this stage, but I must admit, I’m looking forward to my first overnight date with Dad in the French Quarter.  😉

It’s been so wonderful watching your relationships with your siblings blossom into something much deeper. Each one of them loves you with a love that is so genuine. They are all super protective of you, and they hate to hear you get upset. This might prove difficult for us because we are coming upon the age where it’s time for you to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you, sweet girl. Well – the world does not, but this house sure as heck does.

And you know what else? You love them so big right back. You look forward to the time of day that Timmy and Eva get off of the bus – so much so that you squeal audibly when you see them running across the street. You’re always so eager to play with them (which is nice, because it frees mama up to cook dinner in the evenings…usually). You’re learning what affection is – and how to both give and receive it. You willingly give kisses when asked for them, and you carry around your baby doll, nurturing her just the way that mama nurtures you.

Mary_13 Months_01

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my day, baby girl. Watching you grow and learn and love is such a privilege for me – I can’t wait to see what new things await…

I love you,



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