Real Life

Posts on this here blog have been few and far between lately.  It happens.  LIFE happens.  We are still (still….) in the process of selling our house, and for those of you who have been in this shipwreck boat, I know you feel me when I say that it’s overwhelming.  Keeping my house “show ready” while actually allowing my five children to sleep under it’s roof is not an easy task, folks.  It’s damn near impossible.  There are days when I wake up feeling inspired to make the floor glisten (no, not really), but usually the task of keeping dirty clothes off the floor and chicken crap off the porch is about all I can muster.  Inevitably, we get a request to show the house when I’ve thrown the towel in and resigned to just letting it all go and not caring if my shoes are sticking to the floor when I walk.  Good times.


When I’m not worrying about keeping a Pinterest-worthy home, I’m busy trying to figure out where we are actually going to live once we sell this place.  Because as it stands, our best deal is looking like a trailer on a few acres of property.  No seriously – this is an actual possibility.  My husband and I really want an acre or more to build a house on, but building takes time, and I hate the idea of throwing away a bunch of money on rent.  So we had the bright idea to put all seven of us in a trailer on the land while we build the house.  So serious were we at the thought, that we actually toured some brand new trailers.  Most of them are quite lovely inside, until we remembered that WE ARE A FAMILY OF SEVEN, and that’s why we want to move into a new house – because NO SPACE.  God, I know and trust that your plan and timing is perfect, but please – don’t make me live in a van down by the river with these smelly kids.  I don’t think I have it in me to survive something like that.

And when those things aren’t overwhelming enough?  I’m a homeschooling mom with a toddler permanently attached to me.  And by permanently attached to me – I mean that in the literal sense.  She’s still nursing around the clock.  And while I am so thankful for the opportunity to do it, there are some days when I’m “all touched out”.  Some days, I just want to hand her a hamburger and be done with it.  Some dear friends of ours recently visited Singapore and took a picture of this interesting statue.  When I saw it, I immediately felt a camaraderie with this woman.  She gets me…and clearly, her child ALSO has a favorite side.

singapore statue

Jackson is about to finish his 8th grade year, and I feel like I’m only JUST NOW getting the hang of this homeschooling thing.  He’s loving it, though, and we are learning lots of new things together.  And there are rare moments, like this one, when I can slip away to do something (like beginning the first of the 11 loads of laundry I have to catch up on), and walk in on this…  She likes to climb into his lap when he’s working on school and distract him from his work.  Something he’s all too willing to oblige.

Jackson Mary_041114

It’s moments like this that snap me out of my pity party and make me realize that in the confines of a messy, smallish house that is teeming at the seams with dirty underwear – it’s my home, and my life – and I love it.

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2 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Hi Karen, a friend of mine shared one of your posts on her Facebook wall and I was intrigued by it. I found out it was written by your husband… Instead of reading it, I read some of your other posts and realized that God guided me to your site. See my relationship with Him is not as strong as before, I am truly struggling with being a wife, mom, sister and friend. Your blog page will be saved in my priority bookmarks. Thank you!

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